Our farm is located just outside the small village of Drachtstercompagnie.
In the summer there are several farms selling their products on the roadside.
Drachtstercompagnie itself is a small peaceful village with a small supermarket.
There are many farms surrounding the village.
The village was built in the eighteenth century as a peat settlement.
The Compagniester Dwars river still reminds you of this earlier activity.
From this location, the many attractions of the three Northern provinces of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe are easily accessible.

The surroundings of the village Drachtstercompagnie is especially known for the special coppices and "side canals".
These “side canals" came about around 1600 when the peat was taken out of the ground leaving a cleared area.
The environment is very suitable to explore on a bike or for nice walks.
One attraction is the open-air museum The Spitkeet where you can see how people lived between 1800 and 1950.
We are also near the beautiful forests of Brampton and the Golf course & Countryclub Lauswolt.
Not far away is Bakkeveen with its forest, heath and dunes.
In Bakkeveen there is also an outdoor swimming pool with a playground.
Weather permitting, there is also a wonderful lake and beach at Heem with several large and small playgrounds.

The Friesian lakes are easily accessible. What do you think of renting a sloop or sailboat to explore Friesland from the water?

There are several beautiful cities to visit.
Groningen is twenty minutes away by car where there is the renowned Groningen museum.
The city of Leeuwarden is also only a twenty minute drive away.
In Leeuwarden, you can see the old city with its beautiful alleys, canals, several museums and plenty of shops where you can while away the hours.

If you are willing to drive a bit further, we recommend you doing the famous Dutch “Elfsteden tocht” – the Tour of the Eleven Cities – usually done when the ice freezes over the canals.

We are happy to give you more tourist information, should you be interested.

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